Smoked Salmon & Mackerel

Cork is a maritime paradise. We have over one-thousand kilometres of coastline, some of the richest fishing grounds in the north Atlantic and a fishing and seafood tradition that stretches back to our times of myth and legend. One of the great symbols of our city is the Salmon – you will see a golden one perched on the top of our iconic Shandon Bell Tower.

In the city, families of fishermen lived in our narrow river-side lanes up until very recently, taking to our river and harbour waters in small boats to catch the fish that fed their neighbours.

Fishing – and cooking with the bounty of our seas – is a huge part of our food culture and heritage. And in recent years, we have seen revival of our great tradition of smoking and curing fish fresh from our seas.

We are famous for our smoked fish – and you will find some of the best from people like: