Who Are They?

Cork City & County has a thriving community of craft-beer breweries of all sizes, a revival of a tradition of brewing beer for locals and for export around the world that goes back centuries. Rising Sons are based right in the city centre in the historic Corn Market, they have their own on-site pub (which gets very lively, especially around major sports events) and are definitely one of the stars of the scene.

What are they best known for?

Quality, craft-brewed beers, sold throughout the city, often in one of our many heritage pubs. Their beers are classic brews with a contemporary twist, Stouts, Ales, Wheat Beers, IPAs and Lagers which have won many awards.

How Do They Do It?

Rising Sons beers are Cork born-and-bred. “We’re a family-owned brewery,” explains General Manager Judy Wilkins. “The McCabe family have a long history in Cork and have always been in the pub trade. There’s a lot of heritage and tradition here and our beers definitely reflect that”. 

Have They Been Successful?

Rising Sons have only been brewing since the summer of 2014 – but they are already the proud winners of 9 Gold Medals at the World Beer Awards. They have 5 beers which have been judged the best of their kind in Ireland, not bad for a small family-owned brewery in the centre of Cork city.

“Six of our seven core beers are Gold Medal winners, we never expected to have that level of success in just a few years,” says Judy.

 What Is Their Philosophy? 

Big Beers – Small Batches - “We do everything ourselves, we come up with the recipes, develop the tastes and brew all our beers here on site. We can guarantee freshness and consistency. But what really puts us ahead is that we have our customers right there, in the bar in our brewery. So we don’t have any problems finding taste testers or getting feedback!”

“When we first opened, we brewed a one-off, small-batch Belgian Wit beer, called Grainu Ale, it was actually a beer our head brewer Shane made for his wife every summer. We were only going to do 40 kegs, but the public loved it so we kept it on, and it became a double Gold Medal winner”. 

What Does The Future Hold?

They don’t sell through supermarkets and have no plans to sell through major off-licence chains. They plan to keep it small-batch, on-site and straight to the public. The giant vats that hold the fermenting beer are literally ten feet away from the bar.

Can I Meet The Maker?

Yes, they do regular brewery tours which you can book through their website at http://www.risingsonsbrewery.com/brewery-tour/ - or you could just drop into the brewery-pub on Corn Market Street or look out for Rising Sons beers across the city. Their team are always happy to talk beer (and sports).

Are They On Social Media?

Yes, on facebook and on Twitter @RisingSONSCork

And Finally, What’s Their Pro-Tip When It Comes to Food, Drink or Entertaining?

“You can pair most beers with most foods, but it’s a little different to wines,” says Judy. “Choosing the right beer for your meal is very subjective. Obviously you won’t put a very dark stout with something light like fish, but the best way to work it out is to just try it for yourself, experiment, try your favourite craft-beers with your favourite foods, see what works, where’s your own flavour profile? You can bridge and boost flavours, but it’s best to experiment until you find what’s right for you”.