Bean Brownie

At Bean Brownie Co. theirr aim is to turn your usual snacks and sweets into healthier baked treats.

It all started when they made a brownie out of kidney beans....and the rest is history!

They like to "healthy" it up by not using any refined sugar in their products. They replace traditional white flour with ingredients such as ground almond, wholegrain spelt flour and of course BEANS! They have goodies such as energy balls, cookies, brownies and muffins to cater for gluten free, dairy free, paleo diets and general guilt free snacking!

#Purecake is the occasion cake element brought to you by Bean Brownie Co. These cakes are your go-to for any celebration or even just if you're having friends around for dinner. Their five signature cakes are made healthier by replacing the refined sugar and flours and they even make icing out of cashew nuts! There are grain & gluten free, egg free, nut free and dairy free options. 

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