Dee's Wholefoods Ltd.

Natural and Organic Vegetarian and Free From Ready Meals and Burgers

Dee's creates ALL Natural, Vegan & Healthy food so you don't have to! We create delicious wholefood burgers loaded with health benefits; made of nutritious whole grain, beans and super food seeds (hemp and sunflower seeds), free of meat, soy, dairy, salt, sugar, wheat and gluten. We also pack loads of fresh vegetables and protein-rich peas, beans and lentils into our new "Real Meals" to keep you feeling full of natural energy.

Our range includes: Dee's Organic Omega Burger Dee's Organic Spicy Bean Burger Dee's Tex-Mex Sweet Potato & Bean Chilli Meal Dee's Moroccan Chickpea & Potato Meal Dee's Thai Butternut Squash Potato & Lentil Meal

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