Irish Yogurts

Traditional Irish thick & creamy yogurts made in the heart of West Cork using all natural ingredients.

Irish Yogurts Ltd. was established in 1994 by Diarmuid O'Sullivan, with the aim of producing traditional churn-made yogurts. We make all our yogurts the traditional way in the churn using only the finest ingredients to give the Creamiest, Smoothest and Tastiest Yogurts! Fresh Milk, Live Yogurt Cultures and Real Fruit are used to give mouth-watering flavour. As a result of the Churn making process Irish Yogurts have a very flexible manufacturing operation and can produce a wide range of yogurts to suit all the different categories and volume requirements. Health conscious Fat Free, Low Fat, and Probiotic varieties available as well as more luxurious full fat Custard Style and Thick & Creamy yogurts with added cream.

All our products are gluten free and contain no gelatine or stabilisers. We aim to bring Quality, Service and Natural Ingredients to the marketplace while keeping a fine tradition in food production alive.

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