Loving Salads

On Academy Street and at Midleton farmers markets throughout Cork, Loving Salads have all the health options and juices you could need.

At LovingSalads, we take only the finest and freshest local ingredients to create healthy and nutritious food choices. We combine local vegetables, seasonal fruits and the best grains from the Middle East and prepare delicious, wholesome salads with a twist!

To perform well and have energy in today’s fast-paced environment, our bodies need unprocessed and fresh meals. Our daily routines leave little room for conscious food decisions, let alone preparation. We at LovingSalads believe that food is not only a great source of energy to get you through your day but with our salads and our organic range of cold press fresh juices that we prepare fresh every day, we want to help you make healthier food choices.

At LovingSalads we create fresh funky food that will tickle your taste buds! Visit us to discover how tasty and satisfying nutritious healthy food can taste. Vegetarian, vegan or full on “carnivore” – this food is for everyone to enjoy!

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  • Vegetarian Restaurant