Peppers at the White Deer

On Bridge Street in Mallow, Peppers at The White Deer offers seasonal menus with a strong emphasis on local produce.

• The Past •

Opening a restaurant during the gloomy grips of recession was a risky and gutsy thing to do but it’s fair to say that since Peppers opened it’s been a massive success. We wanted to give locals a place to forget about their troubles & breathe. The journey since then has been amazing. Constantly evolving and listening to our customers. Listening & working with suppliers. Always learning & evaluating the best way forward. Set in a wonderful building, in a town surrounded by rich farmland, we’ve had many people that have been part of our journey and everyone of them deserve some of the credit.

• The Present •

We are in a really exciting place right now. Part elegant bistro, part neighbourhood eatery. Our menus reflect where we’ve come from and the values that we will carry forward into the future.  Our team have an enthusiastic approach to seasonality, along with a dedication to developing strong relationships with local suppliers fits in perfectly with our beliefs. Our team work hard every day to delight each and every guest with an extraordinary experience.

• The Future •

Peppers is now an established part of the fabric of North Cork. Through our ethos we want to show that good food can be for everyone. We want to continue to improve and grow with our community, to create balanced awareness around our food choices. We really do care about where it comes from, who it comes from and the way that we use it. We will still continue to push the boundaries and be different but hey, isn’t that how it all began!!

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