ANNOUNCEMENT! Green Saffron’s Fresh Pots


We’re launching five exciting plant-based ‘Fresh Pots’, combinations of lentils and curries, each delicious each unique in their own wonderful way. Our Fresh Pots have been developed by our resident Spice Guru, Arun Kapil based on the sights, sounds, smells and flavours of the amazing food he’s experienced on the streets of India and the kitchens of his family. Healthy combinations of our #freshspice, lentils and vegetables, our Pots are 100% natural, plant-based, gluten free, low in sugars and fats with NO added nasties of any kind. AND, they all taste Gazab¹!


The range draws on tradition and brings an insight into modern Indian eating. From traditional dishes of Tarka Dahl, Brilliant Bombay Potato Masala, Malabaris Red Lentil Dahl to the modern Smoky Jalfrezi Lentils. One dish is a clear favourite in Arun’s eyes, a dish he developed based on the meals his Dad used to cook for him and his brothers. A tangy tomatoey dish, Our Dad’s Vegetable Curry with generous chunks of seasonal vegetables and subtle, fragrant spicing. This range is conceived, freshly cooked and packaged in Ireland. A collaboration of three Irish companies to present the best of delicious meals


It’s time to open the doors to India’s vibrant spice cupboard and bring a new, clean offering to the time sensitive, increasingly plant based, quality and provenance focused diets of the modern consumer. Indian food is thriving. New takes, new twists, new flavours and new ideas have reinvigorated what we know of Indian food. Green Saffron’s mission is to take the modern foods, twists and flavours of India and translate them and into easy-to-cook, fresh and healthy dishes, accessible to every consumer.


Launching into a variety of Tesco Ireland stores nationwide from Wednesday 6th February, 2019. Some Pots will be in up to 115 stores, others in around 70, please contact the Green Saffron offices for precise locations.

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¹An old poetic Urdu word used in North India to express delight and amazement, pronounced ‘ger-zup!’ Amazing!

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