Thermal Processing Training Course

02 May, 2019

Benefitial for any R&D, NPD, Operations, Technical, QA, QC personnel involved in formulating, developing, commercialising, manufacturing and troubleshooting any thermally-processed nutritional dairy-based beverages, such as UHT milk, ESL milk, clinical or sports nutrition products, infant formula, enriched milks, flavoured milks, cream liqueurs and elderly nutrition products.


Who should attend / will benefit?
R&D, NPD, Operations, Technical, QA, QC personnel involved in formulating, developing, commercialising, manufacturing and troubleshooting any thermally-processed nutritional dairy-based beverages, such as UHT milk, ESL milk, clinical or sports nutrition products, infant formula, enriched milks, flavoured milks, cream liqueurs and elderly nutrition products. 
Benefits of attendance / what will you learn?

  • Update on the underpinning science for heat treatment of milk
  • Enhanced understanding of the chemistry, microbiology, enzymology and physical processes taking place when dairy-based products are heated and stored 
  • Applied theoretical learning in a laboratory and pilot plant environment
  • Exposure to latest developments in nutritional product formulation science & technology  
  • Assistance in obtaining more consistent quality and more reliable long term storage
  • Perspectives from UK and global UHT operations
  • Knowledge-exchange with a leading academic and industry consultant
  • Awareness of state of the art in accelerated physical stability testing approaches

Programme outline

  1. Raw Milk Quality and Fitness for Heat Treatment
  2. Thermal Processes Overview
  3. UHT Processing Technologies
  4. UHT Plant Engineering & Process Conditions
  5. UHT Product Stability
  6. Changes in UHT Products during Storage
  7. Alternative / Non-Thermal Unit Processing Operations
  8. Nutrient Stability during Thermal Processing
  9. Pilot Plant and Laboratory Practical Sessions

Speaker Biographies
Dr Mike Lewis worked for over 38 years at the University of Reading as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy before semi-retiring 5 years ago. Dr Lewis was educated at the University of Birmingham in the Department of Chemical Engineering where he gained a BSc, MSc (Biol Eng) and PhD. Over the last 40 years, Dr Lewis has acquired considerable expertise in many topics related to food science and technology, including physical properties of foods, food processing operations, milk and milk processing, heat treatment, evaporation, drying and membrane technology. Mike has an excellent publication record in these areas, with over 80 refereed papers and over 20 book chapters and a three books written, in addition to being actively involved in maintaining the University pilot plant and generating millions of pounds in earned research income. He has supervised over 30 PhD students and over 150 BSc and MSc project students. In later years, Mike’s research activities have focused on minerals in milk and their interactions with proteins, especially with regard to calcium and also magnesium and their role in casein micelle stability. Stability aspects that have been studied include ethanol stability, heat coagulation, involving heat coagulation times, stability to in-container sterilization, UHT sterilization, involving fouling of heat exchangers and deposit formation and fouling of UF membranes. Dr Lewis’s most recent work involves developing procedures for measuring pH and ionic calcium at high temperatures, to better understand their role in heat stability of milk and the effects of chelating agents on these parameters related to calcium fortification, calcium removal and stabilizer addition. Much of Mike’s research has been conducted in close partnership with the dairy and food industry and he has recently completed four sets of workshops for Dairy Innovation Australia Ltd (DIAL) on UHT processing and one for a major multi-national producer of milk products. He has been writing a book on high temperature processing of milk and milk products, which was published by Wiley-Blackwell, in 2017.

Dr Seamus O'Mahony is a Lecturer in Food Science at University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. He graduated from UCC, with a BSc in Food Science and a PhD in Food Science and Technology in 2001 and 2005, respectively. He conducted part of his PhD studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA in the area of milk protein ingredient development using membrane filtration technology. On completing his PhD, he was awarded a Government of Ireland postdoctoral researcher position at the Teagasc Food Research Centre, Moorepark. Seamus also worked in a number of industrial research and development positions for five years with Wyeth and Pfizer Nutrition. He currently has a large research group (20 PhD and MSc students and postdoctoral researchers) focused on food ingredients research. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 12 book chapters and edited or co-authored 2 books over the last 10 years and has secured >5m in competitively-won research funding since joining UCC.

Professor Alan Kelly is a Professor in the School of Food and Nutritional Sciences at University College Cork.  His teaching responsibilities include food processing and preservation, dairy product technology and new food product development.  His research concerns the chemistry and processing of milk and dairy products and he has published over 200 research papers, review articles and book chapters, and supervised or co-supervised over 20 PhD students to completion.  He has been an Editor of the International Dairy Journal since 2005 and in July 2009 received the Danisco International Dairy Science award from the American Dairy Science Association for his contributions to research in dairy science and technology.  He collaborates extensively with colleagues in UCC, nationally and internationally, and works closely with many food companies on projects or training initiatives.

 David Waldron has an MSc in Food Chemistry, which focussed on quality aspects of Cheddar cheese, having graduated from UCC with a BSc in Physiology and Higher Diploma in Applied Science. He has completed a Diploma in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education further enabling his passion for teaching in the context of science and production. Since 1998, as Senior Technical Officer, he has been responsible for undergraduate practical training in the dairy processing facility in UCC. He provides research assistance and technical guidance to postgraduates and industrial partners in the areas of milk testing and processing, separation techniques, thermal treatments, fermented and dried dairy products. As a lecturer with the Food Industry Training Unit, he has been involved in the development and delivery of bespoke continuous professional development courses in dairy science and technology since 2010. He also provides technical support for practical elements of a range of specialised industry courses in the areas of milk processing, ice cream, butter and thermal processing. 

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Mary McCarthy-Buckley

Food Industry Training Unit
School of Food and Nutritional Sciences
University College Cork

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